Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for "ardor" or "ardour"

Welcome to my first post in the A-Z Challenge!

I figured I would give some insight to a not so commonly seen word and why I chose it
 to title my blog.
Ardor is a decedent from the Latin word "Ardeo"
Ardor means:
"love, flame, fire, brightness, brilliance, keenness, vigor, yearning..."

I chose the English/British spelling of this word to be used in my blog's name because, honestly, I like the way it looks and I feel I can because of my heritage. I am of British (also Scottish, Irish, and Polish...VERY much Polish ;) decent and I love unceasingly even when another should be deemed unsuited for any sort of "love".

Now, (if you are ever so inclined to be interested in such things...) when creating this blog and getting it set up I had pretty much decided all that I wanted for it EXCEPT the title.  I bounced back and forth between a few that would depict this blog as a way to celebrate the ordinary things in life.  I believe that enjoying and giving thanks for the all-so-common blessings in our every day-to-day are not minded to nearly as much as they should be.  Paying attention to the little things that go on instead of passing them up as insignificant (in comparison to our ultimate goals)...this is where the dreamer in me surfaces.

Attaining appreciation in these little blessings and small accomplishments means looking at all that helps us reach our ultimate goal and forces us to look at where we might be getting it wrong.  It's not only a single motive reflected by a single achievement that brings us to our well sought after destination.  We make several choices before we reach an ultimate end.  In this case, ardor for me is the ardor I have for life right now and not only in what I seek.

 I try my darnedest to practice a purposeful life.  One that can, in some way, help all that I come in contact with.  A life that can help others while utilizing even the little tools we already possess.  Sometimes we let our days slip by without much notice because we are so intent on the item or goal we seek.  Those days can turn into months, even years in some cases, and we allow this to happen.  I do not want my days to slip past me and just because there isn't a party or celebration every day of the week doesn't mean they aren't still significant.

Here, the ardour I have for life is the one I am blessed to possess every single day.  I do not search out my purpose and waste time trying to figure it out.  I earnestly drive each and every mile with all that I have.  Celebrating this gift and this opportunity to turn each day into something instead of passing it by as nothing...

....while loving this beautiful thing that happens every morning as the sun rises.

(I hope you enjoyed this post :)
I wish much luck to those of you participating in this challenge!

Take care,



Maria Smith said...

What a lovely post! I agree helping others is very rewarding.
Good luck with the challenge :-)

Chellie said...

Thank you Maria! :)

Cassam101 said...

One of the loveliest posts Ive read for A. You see life in a beautiful way. Great start to your A-Z.

Chellie said...

Thank you so, so much! : ) I was a little scared...but now I'm about to wrap up "B" and I'm excited!

Man O' Clay said...

Very interesting. Last year I blogged about beautiful things during the A-Z challenge - drop by and take a look. I, too, look for what is beautiful in the "ordinary."

Good luck this April!