Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for...

...well.  What will G be for?

See, I had a couple ideas.  "Gardening" was a great one...

...but then I was inspired by something else.  Something that has completely consumed my day today.

"The Great Gatsby" by  F. Scott Fitzgerald

from Wikipedia:  The story takes place in 1922, during the Roaring Twenties, a time of prosperity in the United States after World War I. The book received critical acclaim and is generally considered Fitzgerald's best work. It is also widely regarded as a "Great American Novel" and a literary classic, capturing the essence of an era. The Modern Library named it the second best English language novel of the 20th century.

I just started reading the novel (I downloaded it to my smart phone last night...yay for smart phones!!!) this morning and have not been able to put it...(my phone :)...down!  It is a some what "short read" so I shouldn't be up too late tonight trying to finish it.  The last book I became completely obsessed with was a four hundred plus page story and my poor eyes endured the reading from first to last page in just over a day's time!  If a story strikes me in such a way...I will forgo the sleep and finish the questions asked.

Anyways...since I can't really give a review of this novel since I've yet to finish it, I'll post a few lines that really struck me this morning.  No worries, they won't divulge anything important or give anything away...

"She told me it was a girl, and so I turned my head away and wept.  'All right,' I said, 'I'm glad it's a girl.  And I hope she'll be a fool-that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."
"Something was making him nibble at the edge of stale ideas as if his sturdy physical egotism no longer nourished his peremptory heart."

What I love about these quotes is that the spirit of the character is delivered in it's entirety in one single swoop.  The author does not have to lay out pounds of information for the reader to understand exactly how the character feels during a certain scene.  It is the most beautiful writing I have witnessed in a while.

That will do it for this little post...for now.
I'm sure after this challenge I will
give a good little summary of my
 thoughts on this novel.
 Thanks for the read!

Take care,



Melanie Schulz said...

That's how I gauge if a novel is good or not- based on the amount of coffee I need the next morning.

Michelle said...

Right! lol :)