Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for "Flip Flops"...

So do I get two points for having two words with the letter F???
OK...moving on...

It's finally starting to warm up here in southern Michigan.  Instinctively I have been wandering around the house with no socks, no slippers.  When it reaches 60 degrees I will have my flip flops sitting by the front door ready and waiting.  

I spend my entire spring and summer (and a bit of fall if we're lucky) in my flip flops.  I go through a single pair in a single summer.  When I was a child I loved being barefoot.  Now that I cross more than only the soft grassy terrain, I keep my soles and toes safe from whatever debris could be unseen with the least amount of protection I can get away with.

Places you can find me wandering around in my summer slippers?
I'll show ya with a few photos!

 Above, my niece...she loves her flip flops as much as I do!
 Flip flops on the beach of course!
(That's Ryan and I above :)
 Flip flops to mosey on down to the lake and scope out the touch of white caps atop the water...
 ...and flip flops off to feel the bubbles on my toes.
It only takes seconds to flip those flops right off of your feet and bury your toes in the shore.
You can not do that with shoes...(just so you know :) -totally inconvenient with shoes.
 Flip flops to watch the kiddos play some volley ball.  I watch because a couple years ago I had wrist surgery and really should not be diving for a volley ball.
Doctor says that is still a "no-no".
 Ryan (above) has a shared love for flip flops too!
Yes...the feet above are without their "flops"...but I had to share this picture!  That is my dad who the ducks took an interest to.  They walked right up to my father to see if he would share his crackers with them.  They loved him.

Alrighty.  I am going to end it here.  Hope this was a decent post.  I was out and about since 8:30 this morning and I just now got home!  Ryan and I had a VERY busy day.

Thanks again for the read!

Take care,



Man O' Clay said...

My family and I were outside all day today, too. Great weather to put in a garden.

miss uncertain said...

I love your photos! Makes me want to head to the beach and wear flip flops as well :) I'm also part of A-Z Challenge! Good luck A-Z-ing!

Sincerely,Miss Uncertain---sidetracked

miss uncertain said...

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog! And thanks for leaving a comment! I really appreciate it! <3

Cat said...

I have a similar love for flip flops, (I have learned NOT to call them thongs anymore...), in fact, I have knit socks with toes so that I can wear them longer into the season!


Melanie Schulz said...

Those pink toe nails are made for flip flops!

SA Larsenッ said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them! It seems like Michigan has similar weather to Maine weather. We're starting to warm up, too! #mattminion

Anne Mackle said...

I hate wearing shoes but in this country you never know when its gonna rain so flip flops are for holiday and I can't wait to have mine.
Is Anyone There

Lynn Proctor said...

can you believe how long these things have been around--great pics :)

Faith Laces said...

Great post! Makes me so anxious for warm weather and summer fun :)

Faye North said...

I'm dropping in with A-Z and now you have me hating the 4 inches of snow we got last night even more! My feet can't wait to get out of socks and into flip flops again. For now I can only dream... Great post!
Faye at Destination: Fiction

Michelle said...

@Man O' Clay
I too spent as much time as I could get outside this weekend! It was too good to pass up. last time I heard them called "thongs" was from my aunt a few years back. I was almost perturbed! ;) I LOVE the idea of your socks too! That would be perfect for me.

@Melanie The only time I have my toes painted. The summer!

@Ann...yeah, we got our first dose of good spring rain here in Michigan today! I told my fiance that it was officially the first "humid" spring day. I hate humidity but it was such a treat this afternoon!

@Lynn Thank you! Thank you for visiting too!

@Faith I just took my first hour plus walk a couple weekends ago. It. Was. Awesome!!! I'm so excited for summer.

@Faye Thanks so much for visiting. So sorry about the snow you guys got! Where I live one is NOT surprised to find a foot of snow on the ground even at the end of April. Our weather is so moody! Hopefully warmer weather comes to you soon!

Thanks again for visiting, everyone! I woke up in such a pathetic state...feeling so sick. The book I've taken a fancy to today has me perked up a bit though. :)