Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for "Keys"...

...such a necessity...and such little buggers at the same time!

I have been guilty of locking my keys in my car, I'm not going to lie about that fact.  It has only happened a few times. The LAST (hopefully ;) time the situation occurred was just a few years ago and I was illegally parked outside of my place of employment...eeek!

See, I was running into the store to drop off a few papers and when I got out of my car I patted my coat pocket to make sure my car keys were in it.  It was very early in the morning and I should of probably drank my coffee with a bit more enthusiasm.  Well, the keys I had in my pocket were actually the store keys because I grabbed them from the same pocket to unlock the store doors.  I said "hello" to the manager who was there and did what I had to do.  That whole time I didn't realize that the keys to my car were actually still in the ignition.  oops...

When I was finished doing what was needed I walked to the front doors of the store and then stopped.  I reached into my coat pocket and it dawned on me that the keys I mistook for my car keys were the store keys...uugghhh...  I went outside and stood by my car for a minute, assessing the situation.  I was illegally parked so I didn't really want to call the police station to have a cop come out and let me into my car.  AND, my car was still running!  What was I going to do?!

Then I had the brightest idea ever.  I went back into the store and called up a company we used for the building's lock and key needs.  The guy on the other end of the line was so perturbed that what I needed from him was to be let back into my car.  hah! 

 "Well, my guy's pretty busy right now, may take a hour or so for him to get out there!" said the annoyed gentleman.  I responded with:

"That would be great.  I'd really appreciate it.  This is Chellie, by the way".  Chellie is my nickname and what everyone called me by at work.  Even the folks who didn't work directly for us knew me by Chellie.  (Chellie is pronounced "Shelly").

"Oh!  Well, hey there Chellie, how've ya been?" The gentleman was much more relaxed now.  "My guy shouldn't take too long, he had to make a stop about a half hour ago that shouldn't take more than 45 minutes.  I'll call him right now.  Have a good day, hun!"

I about laughed when I got off of the phone.  This man did NOT like my boss and he made sure my boss knew that.  Apparently however, he had NO problem with me.

So, the rest of the story goes as such...the "key" guy showed up in 15 minutes, he unlocked my car in seconds and then he gladly accepted the $10 tip I put in his hand when he reached his out to shake mine.  I moved my car, parked it in a "legal" parking spot and then went back into the store to drink about 20 cups of coffee before I went on with the rest of my errands...

...the end.

I guess the moral of this little story would be to be nice to everyone. 
 You never know when you might need to make the phone call requesting assistance 
 for when that "brain fart" occurs...or who's help you'll need!

Take care!



M. J. Joachim said...

Ugh! I hate it when that happens! Cute story and a good thing it all worked out so well...but boy, that's a lot of coffee!

Michelle said...

lol... realistically it was probably more like 10 cups of coffee that morning. When I got in my car to leave though it felt like a hundred! :)