Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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For several reasons...mostly.  I did get my internet back today, however.  That's a plus.  But boy oh boy!  I was right back to feeling exasperated when I opened my mail box on my computer!  Lots to attend too!

The tragedy in Boston is coursing havoc through everything right now as well.  Such an awful situation and it seems like whenever anyone opens their mouth in regards to it, all I hear makes me want to scream and shout back.  Even when the president spoke this afternoon, addressing the public on the senate rejecting tighter background checks...oh wow.  I got soooooo frustrated with him!  I choose to not be one sided about the debate on tighter gun laws and such.  I'm more along the lines of someone who is keeping their eye on the 2nd amendment rather.  Honestly...If you were to discuss the gun debate with me, I would come across as a NRA apostle...but really, I'm not.

What my problem is-is this:  Would a tighter background check have kept the shooting at Sandy hook from happening???  No.  Maybe an already existing heightened focus on the mentally disturbed.  But that didn't catch attention until the shooting occurred.

&& are we stressing so much and weighing so much of our energy and efforts on tighter background checks that we are forgetting about what can be done now to protect society?  I want to know what I can do, as a regular citizen, to make the U.S. safer.  Not throw my arms up in the air and cry out "injustice!" because the senate denied tighter background checks.  What can I do.  Me.  

I do not want to feel overwhelmed in my country.  A country I am proud to be born from and a country I want more than anything to raise a brood of my own in.  I don't want to sit by and leave it to the senate.  I'd like to know what "we the people" can do in our own towns, our own neighborhoods.

Mr. President...this is the question your citizens need answered.

But, enough about that.  I tend to get very "ranty" when it comes to political issues so I will keep myself from putting y'all through a rant at this time!  

Chaos and confusion evolves quickly from an overwhelmed society.  Empowering the people with tools to strengthen its foundations, homes, protect families...communities need to come together and work passionately towards what will work for them.  Nothing gets done if we sit back and wait for an overall "band-aid" that won't even fix the problem in the first place.

Thanks for the read.  Take care...

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