Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hah! I found my "X"...

Better late than never...

(I have 45 minutes to hit "post" :)

I had to acquire help on this one.  I'm racing the clock but I think my little 13 year old sister whipped up a pretty good topic for the letter X.  Becky, by the way, is a huge fan of several gaming systems but has her heart set on one in particular.  That would be the "Xbox 360".  My siblings and I have always been heavy gamer type kids...I've fallen away from the controllers and "joysticks" for the most part though.  Except for Mario Kart.  I will forever be a sucker for Mario Kart!

Anyways...please enjoy the following...and be sure to leave Miss Becky a kind word or two!  This is her VERY FIRST blog post!  (I've got a little blogger in the works now!  I'm so proud :)

X if for Xbox 360
by Becky P. 

Hello y'all! I think my favorite gaming system would be the Xbox 360. 

The biggest reason that sticks to mind would be that I can play this fantastic game below:

Minecraft! Now, my favorite part of this game is the ability to express creativity not only by simply placing block on top of block, but by collecting and harvesting different types of earth to build whatever you would like. For example, I can go ahead and build a farm, a beautiful mansion, heck, I could even build Detroit if I wanted to. Of course a life in this world alone would get lonely. So here's another reason I play it. With this game you can connect and play with friends and family. In several duration's of play time with my brothers we have built villages. One more thing-which I believe to be one of the greatest aspects of the game-is not being limited to building. Sure, you build your cabin in a snowy wooded area, but you are more than welcome to craft a sword and bow to go hunt down some game (or even creatures of the dark). There are many, many more points that I could make, but overall, this game has a simplicity about it that makes it so enjoyable and yet so varying that there's always something fun you can find to do whether by yourself or with someone else.


Call of Duty: Black Ops. I played several Call of Duty games, but this one sticks to me the most and I'll tell you why. First, it has a game mode that involves wagers and gambling called "Sticks & Stones". Just as I said, it's a game where you gamble "money" before the game and earn your reward depending on where you place on the scoreboard at the end of the game. The twist is that instead of the classic battle of guns, it's a free-for-all where you only have a ballistic knife, crossbow, and tomahawk to kill with. The second is a lovely game, Zombies. Zombies is a cooperative game that you, well, kill zombies in. I personally enjoy playing this with my brothers. Once you develop a strategy (and ultimately overcome the creepiness) it becomes a great fight against the virtual un-dead. 

These are just two of the games I'm intrigued by. The Xbox has much more to offer; even outside of the gaming aspect, and I'm glad to say I own one.

The end!


I hope you enjoyed this I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  

Take care,
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Brandon Ax said...

PS3 for me all the way. I have had every playstation since they first came out and just love them. A lot of people like the xbox though.

Michelle said...

My dad LOVED the first and second PlayStation...but then switched gears two years ago and my brothers got their first Xbox for Christmas. They needed a new one last year because they wore the first one out so fast! lol

My fiance however prefers his PS3. I personally don't know which unit would suit me, now a days. The last time I was playing a bunch was on our PlayStation 2.

1 hundred works said...

This is beautiful on so many levels! I know Ayush would have loved this, he is an ardent gamer. I am more of a PC, Counter Strike and NFS guy, necer got into consoles. Great work!

Akhil Kalsh