The "whats" and "abouts"

If you have found yourself at my silly little space here...I welcome you.

I will start off with a little intro and then you may continue on or stick with me for a bit longer if you so choose...

My name is Michelle.  I have been an avid blogger for almost five years now.  It has been my favorite sort of social networking.

I recently retired a personal blog that I posted on for almost five years. I started this blog in hopes to build a bigger audience.

A few quick facts about me...and what you will see this blog smeared with on a daily basis...

I LOVE to cook and bake.  I also LOVE to share and trade recipes.  Please keep this in mind if you decide to become my blog buddy!

I am infatuated with all kinds of literature reading.  Except Twilight.  I am so sorry and I definitely do not mean to offend anyone.  But I could not get through the series.  Forgive me.  Talk "Hunger Games" with me however and you may instantly become my new best friend.

I have a family full of brothers and sisters who I love dearly and two parents I could not have been more blessed to have been raised by. 

I am a home school graduate.  Born and raised in a small-ish town in Michigan.  I'm head over heals in love with the Detroit Red Wings and believe that the best sort of "night out" is at Joe Louis Arena for a hockey game.  For any other sport however...I am not as passionate...and for that...I'm not a bit sorry.

I am engaged to my best friend, Ryan.  We have spent two very exciting and happy years together so far and pray for many more!

My most treasured summer activity is traveling north to the Petoskey/Boyne area and camping at my favorite state park.  There really is nothing else I'd rather do with the few sunny months we get than to sit on the beach and sun bathe.

 I think that'll just about cover it, for now anyways.
Thank you for visiting this little blog of mine,
 "ardour" -passion, feeling, fire, heat, spirit, devotion, fervor, enthusiasm, zeal, keenness, avidity, earnestness, fierceness,...