Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for "Ethan Embry"...!!!

What is being considered now-a-days as a "cult classic"..."Empire Records" is a film I could watch over, and over, and over, and OVER again...

Empire Records is a 1995 American coming-of-age film that follows a group of record store employees over the course of one exceptional day. Wikipedia

(Mindlessness mixed in with an absolutely distraught crew of characters, all bunched together and making things work at a record store that is facing a "buy out")
((That is my review of the movie above...and I think that pretty much sums it up!))

And then we have a similar type film (in that it's a 90's teen "coming of age" flick), although not 
nearly as grungy as "Empire Records".  

I have watched this more times than I can count.
One of my all time favorites.

(Just your typical "end of the school year-high school graduating class-house party" movie)
((Please note, that is also my review))

Now, these two films...which are so incredibly "staples of my teen-hood"...have a certain person in common and that's...yup, you guessed it.  Mr. Ethan Embry!

I'm not going to complete a bio of the actor...I'm pretty sure that we "ain't got time for that"...(sorry, I had to say it!!!) but rather convey for a minute how he is responsible for making two very seemingly stupid movies find their way deep into my heart.

"You can't think about things you want to change.  Just be yourself."
-Ethan Embry

He is just ridiculous in both films.  Although he plays a spastic, crazy little weirdo in "Empire Records"...
everyone I know who has watched him in that movie fell in love with his character.
"He" is my favorite part.

His tendencies were exotic.  He was a huge goof ball.  
But the conveying of a "big heart" stands out
and greatly controls the perception of his character.

This goes as well for his role in "Can't Hardly Wait".
(The whole "big heart" thing)
((not the "kookiness" part ;))

His character in "Can't Hardly Wait" is adorable.  All he wanted was an opportunity to speak to the "girl of his dreams" who happened to be a fellow student at his high school.  Right before the end of the year party he discovered that her boyfriend had just dumped her.

Now was his chance!!!  At the party he MUST let her know how he feels or he will "never know" what could of been!

It's great fun watching him on screen.  He has played versatile roles during his career but there is one thing he can't seem to shake that keeps them all connected...

...the sincere heart he effortlessly plays out for each of his characters.

This is a post you guys were probably not expecting.
But hey...I had NO idea what to do for the letter E and
today was opening day for baseball in Detroit!
So I was a bit distracted.
(The Detroit Tigers won their home opener...just so ya know...)

Now to cheer on my favorite hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings...
 ...the puck literally dropped only a few minutes ago and each team already has a goal.
I must watch!

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Jinky said...

I'm an old fogey cuz I don't recall watching these movies however I recognize the adorable Ethan from Sweet Home Alabama. He is a cutie.

Thanks for swinging by my A-Z and for the follow. I'm following you back. --Looking forward to more of your vibrant A-Zs!

Anne Mackle said...

Not heard of these films but over here we'll probably get them a year after you do.
Anne/Is Anyone There

Michelle said...

Thanks, Jinky!

I dated myself when I made my fiance watch it with me over the weekend. He had never watched "Can't Hardly Wait" because it "wasn't of his time", I guess. (I'm five years older than him!!! lol)