Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for....

...I was not prepared for the letter R.  I looked at my fiance today and said "what should I write about?"

He gave me this "duh" look and then said "um, RYAN!"

(His name is Ryan, if you missed that from prior posts ;)

So, here we go.  I'll give y'all the low down on my soon to be hubby:

Ryan is a HUGE hockey fan.  He has been playing roller hockey for 8 plus years.  No ice hockey yet though.  He is 24, a September baby....(which means after I turn 30 in August I will be 6 years older than him until his birthday the following month!)

He was born and raised in Michigan, about a hour south of where I grew up.  He is a devout Michigan State fan.  Both of his parents graduated from the school.  That mixed with my family of U of M can be a fun rivalry...(at times ;)


Ryan and I at a Red Wings game on St. Valentine's day this year.
(He won suite tickets...lots of fun!)
Because of him, I've gone to a ton of Wings games since we started dating almost 3 years ago.

Ryan and I, watching Aladdin on St. Patrick's day....

Us again below...we tend to match without even trying...a lot...

My nephews and niece take to him just fine...

And, as a special treat for my Mr. Ryan...this is the dinner I fixed up for him tonight.
Spicy kielbasa, pasta, jalapeno sauce, and "roll" dough braided to make the plate look pretty.
(He really likes spicy food)
((& I really like to cook for him!))

That'll do it for today's Challenge post, as I only have a couple more hours to post it! 

Have a wonderful day off tomorrow.  We'll be outside enjoying the weather...we are looking at 50 degrees here, in southern Michigan......................(hopefully)

At least we aren't suppose to get snow.  I saw a few flurries today and my heart sank!  Come on spring...

Take care,

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Brandon Ax said...

Better late than never :P. That dinner looks really good actually.

Michelle said...

Right! I was all "internet out" after watching all the coverage on the Boston bombing situation. I'm so happy they caught the second guy alive...but I needed a break from the TV and computer :(

MIchala Tyann said...'s good to see you lovin' your man. When you have a good have to love
em good :)

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Nice looking couple!


Teresa Coltrin said...

Cute. Very cute you guys are.

Michelle said...

Thanks so much everyone! :)