Saturday, April 13, 2013

Post Title: A few things that keep me happy...

...yarn and a crochet hook.

I suppose I won't go too in depth with this post as I just realized what my word for the letter "Y" can be...(lol)...

...but I can still share a couple photos.

That above was my very first completed "knit" project...ever.  I just learned via YouTube how to knit at the start of this year.  The white ruffle on the "ear warmer/head band" was crocheted.  I added the little twist on the band for accent purposes.  Plus, I wear the twist on the back of my head so that it helps to keep the band in place.  I've worn this warmer so much already that I started another head band to give this one a rest ;)  The second band will be all crochet...and I'm on the lookout at the moment for a couple of buttons to complement it.

This was fixed up with "sock yarn"...meaning it's super thin stuff.  I am really fond of this color combo and can't wait for it to be finished!  No worries, I'll remember to post photos when it's done.
I have this feeling that if I post too much during this challenge, all of my content will get "blurred" together.  I don't want to put out too many "in between" posts and overload this blog right now so hopefully you guys will stick it out with me after April...cause I'll still have a bunch to say ;)

Time to shut down for now though.  I'll wrap up my "L" post in the morning!

 (Of course, the famous quote...)

You all have a great "L" day and a wonderful weekend!

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Cynthia said...

I visited another blog just minutes ago where the blogger was talking about knitting. That's such a nice shade of blue you selected for your project. It makes me think of a midnight sky.

Brandon Ax said...

Nice knitting. I have to say I love that quote The only time you're ever defeated is when YOU give up. :) nice post.

Michelle said...

Thanks Cynthia! I am usually drawn to sporting darker colors. I'm a bit of a slob...kind of clumsy. This head band has managed itself through some very hectic times with me! lol!

Michelle said...

Thank you Brandon! I purchased a few of John Gardner's books years back. They are literally, in my eyes, the bible for authors of all types! "The Art of Fiction" and "On Becoming a Novelist" are my favorites of his!