Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for "Meltdown"...

...which I am having...right now.  A mental meltdown.

M was going to be used for a whole different topic.  But seeing as my internet and cable have been down since yesterday morning and since we won't have someone out until WEDNESDAY to check out what could be causing this problem...."meltdown" seems to be perfectly suiting for today!

Currently I have hijacked a smart phone's "hot spot" (roomie's), and I'm using my fiance's computer to whip this little post up.  I am so sorry for this, by the way!  The intended posting was going to be magnificent, I promise!  Maybe I can finagle an upcoming letter and see what I can do.

I did see that I had quite a few comments posted since Saturday by some pretty cool peeps so tomorrow I am going to head up to the local coffee shop/book store and hang out for a few hours to catch up.  I have had to calm myself at several points in the day today...nothing is "just happening" for me...such a disaster of a day.

Thanks so much for visiting...I really do appreciate it!  I promise I will be in much better spirits tomorrow.


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Rebecca Green Gasper said...

Oh no!!! That sounds horrible. I would have a mental meltdown, too. No internet in the middle of a blogging challenge is definitely not a good thing. :) Hope it gets fixed soon.

Brandon Ax said...

Yeah those days— weeks months— do tend to happen. Looking forward to future post.

Cynthia said...

I hope Tuesday will be a better day for you. Mondays can be tough.

Michelle said...

Thanks everyone, for the thoughtful comments! Gave me a much needed smile! :)