Wednesday, May 15, 2013

...while I still have my eyes open...

...but not betting on me being able to keep them open for much longer... ;)

Here's some shots of a few going on's in my world as of late...

I thought I already did a mention on this dish above...but I guess I didn't.  So, here ya go, guys! That is my Lemon battered and pan friend chicken atop a creamy, lemony, buttery, angel hair pasta.

Ryan wanted to do chicken piccata one night for dinner.  I do not like chicken piccata. I do however LOVE Lemon Pepper Chicken.  So, I fixed my chicken up the way I wanted and Ryan made his own.  (He ended up liking my dish more...oops :)

I don't know why, but I will buy a journal at the book store if it's in the clearance basket or sporting a decent price tag.  I might not have a use for it at the time...but I always end up finding a purpose for it!  Just like the one pictured above.  I started carrying it in my purse to keep for note taking, jotting down days I need to remember to take off from work, recipes I come across (so entirely handy to have on you when you are at the doctor's office and flipping through a magazine and end up coming across an awesome recipe but you don't have the guts to rip the page!), and keeping a record of when herb and flower seeds were planted in the last month.

Basically, I can use any "gardening" type notes to reference to when next year comes around.  It has been such a great little tool already.

One of my sisters was on a "crochet wash cloth" making spree.  I have always wanted to make a couple but never seem to have the time to do so.  I finally forced myself to sit down one morning and what is pictured above happened. :)
(Super easy pattern...but I can't link it at this time.  If anyone is interested, leave a comment and I'll link/comment back :)

(Petunias, 10 different kinds of pepper plants, Strawberry plants, 
and various other flower/herb plants were picked up last Sunday!)
I got my flats of Petunias, ready and waiting...until the frost warnings be planted in the beds out front.  I did go ahead and plant a few pots today.  Lady Slippers and white/pink petunias are taking root as we speak.  My Moon Flower seedlings are in their own pot now too.
(I start the stubborn Moon seeds folded up in a paper towel, moisten it, and then slip into a sandwich baggy until the seeds crack open.)
Plus the Pineapple Sage and Lemon Balm herbs are planted next to the two foot high Catnip 
Perennial I have from last year.

I love Catnip/Lemon/Ginger tea.  
Have you ever had Catnip tea?
AMAZING stuff.  Instantly calms, soothes, and relaxes the body and spirit.    

I started these seeds over a week ago and still nothing has turned up.  I planted sunflower seeds the same day and those sprouted up with in three days!  I really hope something happens with my herb seeds.  I love being able to walk outside and grab fresh leaves to compliment a dish.

The Golden Doodle in my life.  Miss Sophie.  She's such a pretty girl, isn't she?  All 80 pounds of her! hahah. She loves, loves, LOVES her people.  And she's saying it's time for bed now...

I had something pretty awesome happen for me today...I will mention it soon in the next post.  Take care, everyone!  I have to finish my laundry for work tomorrow morning.

Take care,

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Well hello there...

...I did not mean to be this absent!  So sorry, everyone!

Work.  Work has been such work!  I'm catching on quickly though so it's going pretty well.

Like, take this morning for example.  I get there right when the restaurant is suppose to open.  I look at the printer where the ticket orders come in and we have three of them already.  ALREADY...key word.

I look behind me and all five HUGE pieces of equipment...fryers, grills, ovens...are OFF.

Food needs to go down NOW.  But everything is cold to the touch.  Oh boy.

I get all the switches turned on and I start getting the plates set up.  I'm panicking...but not too bad.  Whatever that was going to happen was just going to happen because I still had to wait for the grills and fryers to warm up.  That kept me some what calm......ish.

I look over my shoulder after a few minutes and I see someone tying on an apron.

YES!  Thank the Lord...I have another cook to suffer through this with me! hahah.

Turned out to not be an absolute mess.  We managed to get all the orders out in a decent amount of time and all the guests were satisfied.  whew!

So...that's my most chaotic story from the work front so far.  This even topped the craziness of Mother's means things have been pretty super at the new job!

I am so incredibly blessed that this opportunity found it's way to me. 
So very thankful!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Busy, busy week...

I was entirely productive on Wednesday that it felt like two days off in one.  When Thursday came...( my second day off for the week)...I blew it.  I had the hardest time getting anything done.  My mood was disgusting.  I was alone for the most part of the day and when Ryan finally got out of work I thought I was going to start crying.  I still don't know why I was so sour on Thursday but Ryan and I took a trip to the grocery store that evening and bought the fixings to make our first beef enchilada dinner.  (They turned out really good, by the way).

After our tummies were full we watched a bit of TV and my mood swung back upwards.  I managed to get some decent sleep before work yesterday...which helped out huge for a busy Friday morning shift.  After work, Ryan and I got together and watched the Detroit Red Wings put their fans through every single emotion possible to man.  The team was doing that whole thing where they play their hearts out and make you feel like they got the win in the bag.  Then, in the last few minutes of the 3rd period, the Ducks tied up the lead with two quick goals.

Another. Freaking. Overtime game...!!!

The broadcast cut out to commercial shortly after OT began and only seconds of returning back we saw the Wings Captain shoot the puck right into the Ducks net giving us the win to tie the series!  Ryan and I just stared at the TV.  Did we just see a replay? Or did THAT really just happen?

Yup.  We won!  Now we play the ultimate make it or break it game tomorrow night.  If we lose, we are done.  If we win...we face the Blackhawks.

Tomorrow night will be one heck of a nerve wracking night for us Wings fans.  Superstitious tendencies and other necessities we feel the need to incorporate into a game for a "win" will be running rampant as we all wait to see the outcome of our dearly loved team.

Anyways, I have four other posts in the works for publishing at this point.  It's been rough trying to keep my thoughts on a straight line while all this new job and hockey business has been taking over my life.  Prep yourselves for a couple photo dumping posts.  I took lots of pictures while life has been kind of crazy.

Take care,

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