Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for...


and what does "winning" mean to you?

"That's so totally a win".

"You are winning with that".

...and so on and so forth.  These statements, phrases....have caught themselves up in normal, every day conversations.  Like, a new "lingo trend".  Winning, as I understand it, seems to suggest that a remarkable occurrence has taken place...and this makes it a "win".  But it's usually celebrated on quirky and out-of-the-norm type happenings. (my thoughts.)

If I were to consider something a "win"...(a fantastic happening or circumstance from a not so extremely fascinating situation) would be from the creators of this video below.  Had me to tears!  So cute.

It will make a whole lot more sense to those of you who have heard the original version of "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore.  The folks who made this video below created their own version of this song...and centered it around the mucho amounts of money that gets spent on babies and toddlers.

Enjoy, if you will!

So, to these folks...I say loud and clear...:  "YOU ARE WINNING".


In other news, I've been so ill...that I haven't had to charge my laptop for four days!  Usually it gets charged at least once a day.  Tells you how absent I have been in the blogging world!

I feel a significant difference in my body today though.  Still pretty queasy but I have been able to keep fluids and a little bit of food down.  Last night Ryan went up to the gas station for me and picked up a bottle of "Vernors" ginger ale.  I took a few sips and immediately felt a difference.  This is after not being able to keep water down for almost six hours!  After a hour of sipping on the Vernors I decided to kick things up a notch and made a cup of mint and ginger tea.  I usually sip slowly on my cup of tea but last night my cup was empty in about ten minutes!  It did the trick and I was finally out like a light at 6am this morning.

Hopefully I get all of this worked out by Sunday night...

...I start my new job on Monday morning...



Thanks for the read.
Take care!

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Brandon Ax said...

Congrats on the job, I loved the parody.

Faith Laces said...

Hope you feel better soon!
Good luck with the new job!

Michelle said...

@Brandon: It was so funny to me, the video, that I showed it to my fiance...and became instantly disappointed that he wasn't getting as big of a kick out of it that I

Michelle said...

@Faith & Brandon...Thanks so much guys! I'm very nervous but also very eager to begin the work. I'm starting out as a cook in a new restaurant...hoping to find a good niche there. The owner said he has "big plans in store" for I guess we'll see!

Anne Mackle said...

Great video and what cute kids. Sorry you've been I'll hope you feel loads better for starting your new job and good luck hope you like it and it all goes well.