Thursday, May 9, 2013

...I think it's called a "hockey hangover"...

...yeah, sounds about right.

The Detroit Red Wings walked into last night's game tied 2 for 2 (in this first round of the playoffs)
 against the Ducks. 
(stupid....stupid ducks!)
((Sorry, don't mean to offend any Duck fans))

We lost in overtime and Twitter became a mass of pissy Wings fans...fighting not only the fans of the enemy...but Wings fans were fighting among themselves.  
Oh happy day!!!
(please note the use of heavy sarcasm in that last sentence)

I think we were all a bit "whip lashed" due to the previous game's conclusion.  Monday night's game went into overtime as well but we caught the win...LIKE WE WANTED IT.  Last night however, you could already feel the loss as soon as the puck dropped at the start of OT.

I knew it was going to know, waking up after a loss and feeling like you had the worse nightmare ever.  Especially when these games are so critical at this point.  The Red Wings have made the playoffs for 22 years straight.  They have a few cups won in those years...but...when you are right there...and you get nixed in the first round (not saying that that is what's going to happen!) ((fingers crossed)) just sucks.  It makes your heart hurt.

Anyways...I will conclude this post on a some what happier note.  Today is the birthday of Steve Yzerman.  Stevie, now retired...(since 2006)...was the Red Wings longest standing captain.

Following the departure of the previous captain, Danny Gare, after the 1985-86 season, then-coach Jacques Demers named Yzerman captain of the team on October 7, 1986, making him the youngest captain in the team's history. Demers said he "wanted a guy with the Red Wings crest tattooed on his chest." The next season, Yzerman led the Wings to their first division title in 23 years.-wiki

His career began with the Wings the year I was born.  This was MY captain.  He is who defined the game of hockey to me.  He's the reason for the comradery I have for this team...that brewed in my heart through my younger years ;)

Happy birthday, "Captain"!

Alright...I have other business to attend to in the blogging world.  This is my last day off of work till...who knows when.  hahah...

See ya soon!
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