Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day, 2013.

And a reluctant companion was I to it's festivities.

Yup.  I'm not hiding that fact!

See...I was not emotionally or mentally prepared for the bar scene this time around.  I don't much like going to the bar anymore as it is.  I had my time with that sort of fun.  I am turning 30 this August and deem what would seem "lame" and "boring" as a dream come true... adventure wise...for a weekend night out.

When I say that I am turning 30...it is NOT meant to make the point that I am becoming "too old" or that I "can't hang".

It's that I literally HAD MY TIME with the bar scene and it has exhausted all it's excitement to me at this point in my life.

My fiance and two of our friends have been doing the "weekend movie" thing and that is quickly becoming the sort of fun I delight in.  I am an avid book reader and movie lover.  Going to the cinema to watch a movie is like escaping this reality and participating in a dream...while awake. 

 I love it.

I thought it was funny to find all the "St. Patty's Day" remnants bunched
 together on the table this morning.
Really people...what do you do with these "badges of honor" 
once the day is over and gone???

Now this is my kind of night out.
I mean, come on...who wouldn't get excited about being able to 
have their picture taken on short section of fake yellow bricks???

(For just a split second...as I stood there smiling for the picture...
 I fled back to my five year old self and relished the 
romance and wonder I felt when I watched The Wizard Of Oz for the first time)

~Forgive me, Ryan.........for being the goof that I am.~

He really does willingly, and well at that, put up with a HUGE dork.

I leave you all now as I ready my next post for viewing eyes.

Take care,



Cassam101 said...

I love going to the movies.No phones,no peole knocking on the door,no having to get up and make coffee, just being transported into the story. I also am way past going to bars I just find it all too loud and expensive but then I'm a lot older then you. Have you heard of Blog Blitz? I've just posted about it. Its to get more people to leave comments on your blog ,it sounds good.

Chellie said...

I actually just came across a post about "Blog Blitz". I think I'm going to sign up too!

I think being a "Bar Manager" for several years doesn't help in my wanting to flee that scene... ;)
Reminds me too much of work.