Friday, March 15, 2013

A new beginning...

...A bit of sadness hits me as I type the first words to this brand new blog of mine.

I am very excited about starting out "new" and very much looking forward to seeing this blog evolve over the next few months and/or years...

...but as I start out...I am officially laying to rest a previous five years well spent with my personal blog...which is being retired to my bookshelf.  (There are a bunch of services that offer deals on printing and publishing your blog...did you know?!)

There was so much history in those short five years that was jam packed into my first blog.  The decision to start out fresh and all over was well met with eagerness on my part as I realized what needed to happen in order to branch out further into this savvy social networking world.

So, I hope as I begin from scratch that welcoming eyes greet this silly little baby of a blog...encouragement is always received with a smile around these parts! 

My intro to this blog is in the "whats and abouts" button towards the top of this page.

Take a look!
Thanks for the read!
Take care,

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